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Dealing with a Few Spiritual Elephants in the Living Room

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As believers, we can keep putting our head in the sand hoping the sobering issues of this world will mysteriously disappear.

We can keep focusing on building our own kingdoms saying we are doing “kingdom work”.

We can keep “agreeing to disagree” about biblical truths or call them many “expressions of faith”.

We can keep turning a blind eye to the “bad fruit” in the lives our so many “spiritual leaders” and fellow “believers”.

We can keep on because we have the power to choose, but the TRUTH of the matter is this…

Such things never have nor ever will come from the SPIRIT of God.

God is doing something in this season. He is awakening the hearts of men and women who desire to see him clearly and to proclaim his glory. He is revealing to many that being in a church is not the same as being in his Kingdom. And he is calling his Kingdom together (not human churches) for his glory.

The truth is NO ONE LIVING TODAY has ever experienced a unified Christian faith in our lifetime. We have all inherited a fractured and disunified Christianity and yet we continue, like King Josiah did to do what is our inherited normalcy, blinded to the fact that what we inherited in the state of the Christian faith is not what God intended it to be.

But also like King Josiah, we must also respond with turning our hearts to the Lord to truly discover how God intended his Kingdom to be. God is calling us all to a corporate change and a collective restoring of the Kingdom of God.

“A kingdom divided… is toast” (SFV) (Straight Forward Version)

And no- your church affiliation, denomination, association, family or churches, church planting organization, etc… does not equate to being the kingdom of God.

Before we can come together as a Kingdom, we must first recognize that we are apart and the implications of being apart. You see in the Kingdom, coming together is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Sadly most churches and church leaders (even of same beliefs) don’t make time to come together because they are busy carrying out “their” vision for advancing the gospel (In other words, no body has time for that “I need you” stuff).

Don’t allow the enemy to have you offended by the truth in my statements.  Not that I am concerned about offending anyone, but I am concerned about being obedient and saying the things the Lord has for me to say.

To those who have an ear (to hear) let them hear.

If it is your desire to learn more or know more about building true Kingdom Community you are more than welcomed to reach me at

Let’s deal with the spiritual elephants in the living room shall we….

May God be with you,


3 thoughts on “Dealing with a Few Spiritual Elephants in the Living Room

  1. You must read the Gospel of John a lot 🙂
    I’m reminded of two verses from it: “If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will know whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own” (John 7:17) – thus connecting holy living with understanding and discerning the truth.
    “But when he, the Spirit of Truth, comes, he will lead you into all truth.”
    Indeed we have inherited a “fractured and disunified Christianity”, but I know there is a generation unwilling to settle. Few though they may be, they’ll leave Jerusalem to find the man baptizing at the Jordan who speaks the truth, because reality is what is desired, and not mere categories.
    Grace and peace, dear brother,

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    • Thank you for the positive words. Yes there are those who are coming out of the powerlessness of man made churches. Some are struggling to understand their now unfamiliar journey, while others are being renewed and restored by the new work God is doing within them.

      Many are beginning to see that what they had been taught for so long was actually never teachings from the Lord. This is causing an awakening in the hearts of many in a way they have never experienced before.

      Thank you again for your words,

      Grace and peace to you as well.

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